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About Us


"We believe good floral design will live on in the memory even after the blooms have faded."

Arbutus & Ivy was established in 2017 by Sophie. The name of Arbutus & Ivy was influenced by the 

history around the language of flowers.

The language of flowers or otherwise known as 'Floriography' was used in a sentimental way as a form of code 

for expressing matters of romance or courtship which otherwise could not be spoken.

Arbutus - 'Thee only do I love'

Ivy - 'Fidelity, Wedded Love, Affection, Friendship'


Arbutus & Ivy has a versatile approach to suit you and your budget.

With a focus on sustainability and the aim of producing floral arrangements that are foam and plastic free.

 When possible we also like to include flowers that have been grown by British and local growers within our designs,

or even our own flowers which have been grown on our cutting patch. 













Who we are...

Sophie - owner and artisan florist

Sophie's love of flowers was passed down to her by her grandma who would create arrangements for her home from the flowers in her garden.

This influenced a romantic style of work weaving flowers with textural style foliages, grasses, berries and herbs. 

If asked what her favourite flower would be Sophie would say that it's difficult to just pick one as she has many favourites, however Tuberoses would be a particular favourite along with Sweetpea's, Butterfly Ranunculus and Lily of the Valley.

Sophie's proudest floral moment would be having the opportunity to create flowers to dress the set of a historical film. A moment in her career which she never thought for a moment she would have the privilege of doing.

Lucy - artisan florist

Lucy joined Sophie in the shop in 2022 where you can find her most days busy making 

 beautiful bouquets and creating seasonal wreaths.  

Being surrounded with some many different flowers Lucy would say its hard to pick just one as a favourite, but she has a particular liking for  

Sweet peas and Dahlias. 

When not in the shop you can find Lucy in either her garden or allotment where she grows flowers and vegetables or walking her dog Luna. 

Florist holding mixed herb and flowering viburnum bunches
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